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Palliative Care

What is Palliative Care and purchase it?

Palliative Care is the improvement of the quality of life for patient and family/friends. This can be done by relief of physical stress, mental stress, pain and symptoms from diagnosis.

The cost of Palliative Care depends on services and the length of time needed. Click the "Contact Me" button and completely fill out the Contact form. Thank you.



Toe Reading $35 Regular (Virtual Sessions Only)

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Toe Reading with Extended Dialog $60 (Virtual Sessions Only)

Everything included in the Regular Toe Reading with Extended Dialog.

Royal Toe Reading $90 Virtual Sessions only until further notice

Everything that is included with the Toe Reading with Extended Dialog plus more.

Life Coaching (Virtual Sessions Only) $100/hr.

Sometimes a person get stuck or blocked from moving forward in their life. This could be caused by many different things, like a busy daily schedule, fear, past or present trauma. Life coaching is a healing session that uses tools that focus on bring what you already have inside of you out into the World. These tools are customized to you individual needs.

Business/Corporation Coaching $350hr. (Virtual Sesions Until Further Notice)

Business/Corporation Coaching customized tools to enrich your business. Team building activities and worksheet tools to help your business run on smoothier.This price is for businesses with 2-5 people. 5+ or more people within the business please go to the contact form, completely fill out. Include the number of people in your company and please do not forget your phone number where you can be reach.

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all sessions are virtual until further notice. Blessings 

all sessions are virtual until further notice. blessings

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