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  • A'Ja Simms~Revolving Love

Mood Boosting #SelfCareTips

How are you all? I just wanted to share some SelfCare tips to get you through this Global emergency. Please stay safe & try to keep a positive mind frame!

Here are some basic #SelfCareTips to add to you SelfCare routine during this time. All of these #SelfCare tips can be done at home.

-Get plenty of rest. Lack of rest decreases your immune system. Getting proper rest helps with heals your immune system, mental clarity & mood.

-Journal your feelings. Stay honest with yourself. Pour your emotions into pages (or screen) because your mental health is very important during this time.

-Drink plenty of water. Proper hydration is to better health.

-Pick up your favorite hobby again.

-Get creative & remember the basics.

-Keep moving. Please choose the proper exercises for your body. There are plenty of ways to exercise within your home. For example, you can use yours stairs for different exercises as well as clothing the walking steps you do within a day. Food cans & gallons of water can be used as weights. For a gentler approach, you can use a chair for balance for a yoga pose. There are countless ways to safely use household items to remain fit & healthier.

-Keep your personal hygiene & stay groomed. Personal hygiene is our responsibility & love to ourselves. Keep your hands, body hair & clothing clean. It's okay not to shave every day but remember sometimes you may feel better when you keep yourself groomed. This includes nails too.

-Eat proper nutrition for your body. This is not a time to risk mistaking foods or supplements that doesn't agree with your body. Please eat the proper nutrition because this can keep your immune system healthy.

-Try to worry less. Worrying only weakens the immune system. Try practicing affirmations or reading positive quotes to keep your energy & vibrations positive.

-Pray & Mediate. It has been proven for centuries that pray & meditation works. Both prayer & meditation can lower stress, increase positive & calming mood & lowers fear.

-Read & research. Read up on something you may have forgotten about. Maybe you like history or Romance novels and you have been to busy to relax to enjoy one. Take the time to enjoy what you like to read. Or this is the perfect time to

research something new you want to know more about.

-Unplug. Take time to unplug from electronics.

Blessings💚 A'Ja Simms

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