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  • A'Ja Simms~Revolving Love

“Fall Back” 1 hour

Daylight Savings Time Ends Sunday morning . This is another way to symbolize Autumn is here🍁. Turn your clocks ⏰ by 1 hour before you go to sleep to night so you won‘t be early for any appointments tomorrow. In the Autumn, we “Fall Back” the time by setting our clocks back 1 hour. Some people do it at 2am, others before they go to bed and other do it when they wake up. I enjoy this time of year especially when it seems like I can get another hour of sleep. One good thing, if you have a cellphone, now a days it sets the time for you. That one less time you have to manually set. Enjoy you extra hour of sleep. Blessings 💚 @ajasimms_(Instagram) #Revolvinglove #DaylightSavingsEnds #FallBack #Autumn #Fall #TimeChange

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