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  • A'Ja Simms~Revolving Love

Full Moon🌕 In Gemini♊️

November Full Moon 🌕 is in Gemini ♊️. The Full Moon falls on Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It also falls in the last Mercury Retrograde in 2018. Mercury rules Gemini. Under this Full Moon the focus is still on communication. We have Mercury Retrograde + Full moon in Gemini + Sagittarius Season Begans all on Thanksgiving Day. Whew, it’s a lot going on 😂😆. The message is have clear communication with others.

The November Full Moon is call the “Full Frost Moon”. November is a time when the frost starts to freeze areas and water sources. This Full Moon is mostly known as the “Full Beaver Moon”. Blessings 💚

#FullMoonInGemini #NovemberFullMoon #FullFrostMoon #Astrology #FullMoon #Gemini #Thanksgiving #MoonCycle #Communication #ThanksgivingFullMoon



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