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  • A'Ja Simms~Revolving Love

#FullMoon 🌕 in Cancer ♋️

The FULL Moon 🌕in Cancer ♋️. Cancer is a water sign and expresses deep emotions. The perfect sign to review what 2018 meant for you. As you experience the energy of the FULL Moon in Cancer, respect & honor your emotions as they are revealed to you. As you reminisce about your 2018 Life lessons, keep the positive & leave the negative. Whatever left in 2018, let go! Whatever stayed in 2018, keep (for now)! Remember to practice Self-Care as we go through the last FULL Moon of 2018, the FULL Moon in Cancer. This is the last FULL Moon of 2018. This FULL Moon in December is also known as the FULL Cold Moon. The FULL Cold Moon was names because it marks the beginning of Winter which is the coldest season of the year. This FULL Moon is also called the Long Nights Moon because when Winter Solstice began the days get shorter & the nights get longer. The FULL Cold Moon (The Long Nights Moon) follows directly behind or on Winter Solstice. Blessings💚

#FullMoon #FullMoonInCancer #Seasons

#Cancer #Emotions #Zodiac #Astrology #EndOfYear #WinterSolstice #MoonCycle #WinterSeason #SelfCare #PositiveVibe #Awareness #Solstice #Review #Moon #Winter #SelfLove #Sky #Revolvinglove


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