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Happy National Hug 🤗 Day!

Happy National Hug Day 🤗! A hugs are a form of touch therapy & touch healing. Touch Therapy & Touch Healing is very real! A hug can help heal a person physically, mentally & Spiritually. Some benefits of hugging are stimulants emotions, lower blood pressure & heart rate and reduce anxiety. A hug can also reveal some awareness that someone cares. How many times have you giving a hug to someone and they said, "I really needed that"? Hugging is a two-way Healing street. The other person gets some Healing and so do you. Hugging is also a form of affection. Think about when was the last time you gave a hug or received one? Well today is your day, because here is a BIG HUG 🤗 from me! You don't need a National day to give or receive a hug. Lets challenge ourselves to see how many hugs you get or give today. You already started at 1 already. Don't forget to give yourself one. Now you're up to 2 hugs! Please be mindful of people's personal space. This World is full of beautiful, sensitive & unique people. First, ask them if it is okay to enter the personal space so that you can give them a hug. This will show the other people that you honor & respect them & their personal space. If they say "NO!", that is okay. Give them an air HUG, because it really all about positive & loving #Energy. If you need another #SelfCare tip, add hugging to your SelfCare routine.

Happy hugging 🤗! Blessings💚 A'Ja Simms #NationalHugDay #Hug #SelfCare #Energy #Healing #MindBodySoul #TouchTherapy #Wellness #Affection #HealthyMentality #Love #Welcome #Embrace #TouchHealing #PositiveVibes #BearHug #Squeeze #Awareness #Mentality #Spiritual #SelfCareTips #Celebrate #LifeCoaching #Cuddle #Receive #RevolvingLove @ajasimms_(Instagram) @RevolvingLove(Facebook Page) @4everaja(Twitter) www.Revolvinglove.com

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