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  • A'Ja Simms~Revolving Love

Happy New Year 2021 🎆!

Welcome to 2021! The #Energy for 2021 is securing your foundation. 2021 vibrate in the 5 energy is known for expressing life changes. These changes come through life lessons learned & transformation. The number 5 is also the energy of God's Grace, Mercy & Miracles. 2021 will also be expansive year for health, Healing, & communication.

2020 focus was building a new foundation. But did you realize, that before you build or rebuild you have to tear something down or dig something up? 2020 did what it was suppose to do, by tearing down many foundations to create something new. As you continue to rebuild, this year will give you more insight on how to stabilize your foundations.

If you have not already create a #SelfCare routine to practice regularly. Here are some Self-Care tips for 2021:

-Recognize where you may need a little more freedom in your life.

-Have a positive adventure this year.

-Write down 5 things you want to see change in your life this year.

-Invest in your health & Healing.

-Be open to positive opportunities.

Blessings💚 A'Ja Simms

#2021 #NewYear2021 #Energy #Stability #Freedom #Grace #Mercy #Healing #Health #SelfCare #5 #Communication #MindBodySoul #Revolvinglove


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