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  • A'Ja Simms~Revolving Love

A way to remember #SelfCare💚

I created this series to help us to remember & practice Self-Care. I want this series to be light & fun but most importantly, easy to remember.

Each letter in the word "Self" will describe what self-catering can do for you. Each letter in the word "Care", will be possible ACTION words you can take to practice self-care. I hope you enjoy this series. Please LIKE the Facebook Page @RevolvingLove or click the Facebook icon because it will take you right to the Page. Thank you. Blessings 💚 ~A'Ja Simms~

#SelfCare #LifeCoach #HolisticHealth #MindBodySoul #Healing #Awareness #HighVibration

#HealthyMentality #PositiveThinking #Wellness #LifeCoachingTips

#Revolvinglove @ajasimms_(Instagram)

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