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  • A'Ja Simms~Revolving Love

💚💚💚 #Kindness 💚💚💚

Kindness is an action with endless amounts of benefits. Some benefits are increases energy & positive mood, reduce stress, reduces anxiety & lower blood pressure. Try adding a act of kindness to your #SelfCare routine. Below are some lists of Acts of Kindness from Free to some out~of~pocket money. Have FUN spreading Kindness! Blessings💚 A’Ja Simms

For Yourself

•Practice Self-Care regularly

•Eat Well (eating, understanding & knowing what nutrition works better for your body) & Clean Water (this is just as important)

•Get Plenty of Rest


•Letting Go of what no longer serves you




•Saying “Hello” to 5 people

•Have a genuine conversation

•Give away something



•Buy someone a water

•Buy someone a coffee or tea

•Buy someone a snack

•Give some a Thank you Card

•Birthday gift for co-worker


•Gift card with gift receipt

•Leave extra tip for Server

•Donate to a local charity

•Get a gift card for someone’s child

•Treat someone to Their favorite meal


•Buy groceries for person behind you

•Classroom products for local school

•Donate to Shelter

•Buy Elderly Flowers

•Buy pizza & fruit to local youth sports team

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