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  • A'Ja Simms~Revolving Love

#MercuryRetrogradeInLeo ♌️

Welcome to Mercury Retrograde in Leo ♌️! Mercury Retrograde is a time when we get a chance to pause & reflect. It is common for technology to have numerous glitches, delays (especially in travel plans), revisions, repeat of situations & return of people from your past. The sign of Leo ♌️ embraces strength & having a big heart. It is not a great time to start something new during Mercury Retrograde. This may not be the case, since this Mercury Retrograde is sandwiched between two Eclipses (next one is next week on with the Full Moon In Capricorn 🌕 ♑️ (07/16/19).The overall Energy for this Mercury Retrograde will be is strength in change(s) & Yes! You’re half way there to your dreams & goals. Some things to marinate on as we go through Mercury Retrograde in Leo: How strong are you in the effort of achieving your dreams & goals? Are you still passionate about the same dreams & goals? Are you strong enough to handle your dreams or goals once you receive them? Now is the time to go with the flow & embrace change to get you closer to your dreams & goals. These could changes in your dreams & goals can be in your lifestyle, mindset, relationships, career or place of residence. Be aware of the opportunities, RECOMMIT to your dreams & goals, stay persistent & move with the harmonious rhythm of the Mercury Retrograde in Leo Energy. It’s important to practice your #SelfCare routine to assist in nurturing yourself during Mercury Retrograde. Blessings💚 A’Ja Simms

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