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Message from The Ancestors

Message from the Ancestors

We are very unhappy about the way you treat each other. We are sending Karma & Justice in FULL FORCE! The Universe agrees with our decision & has paved the way for this to happen. Notice the amount of planets that are in Retrograde & 2 more will be added by the end of July. Summer Solstice is upon you & it is time for a MAJOR changes to began new phases, cycles & journey. The Universe agrees with us by bringing in 2 Eclipses in July. The time is Now to cleanse & clear out the injustices & pain. We the Ancestors are not happy with what we have been seeing. The increase in violence, manipulations, deceptions & hate has to decrease. The stealing, robbing, lies & murder has caused pain & anguish that we are upset to see. We are sending Karma & Justice to balance the scales. Those of you who have plant seeds of goodness by watch out for others & spreading love will be rewarded. Please reap the rewards of your Love harvest. For those of you that have planted the seeds of negativity & evil Justice will prevail. Karma is coming to collect & dish out what you have sewn. We watch over you & want the best for you. We the Ancestors are not happy with what we see. Thank you to the Universe for allow us to bring Karma & Justice in.


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