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  • A'Ja Simms~Revolving Love

Recycle 11/24/18

Mercury Retrograde does has a of a recycle energy. Mercury Retrograde is a cycle that comes back around again. If something has a good foundation, recycle it. Don't throw it away just because it's new anymore. Some of the new things you may be looking at, their foundations are not stable. Recycle it, if it only needs minor repairs. I kept this VERY broad because this solution can apply to so MANY areas of our lives. Use it where it resonates. Blessings💚 ~A'Ja Simms~

#Recycle #MercuryRetrogradeInSagittarius #PositiveThinking #Energy #Strong #MercuryRetrograde #Foundations #Awareness #UseItAgain #PositiveVibes #HealthyMentality #Strength



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