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Spiritual Meaning Of Spiders

This years seems to be the increase of spiders, especially in the house. I know I've seen my share this uear & have read from my friends stories as well. When I was young I hated spiders, but now that I know more about them I grown to respect them. Maybe after reading this you will too. Don't get it twist! I still don't want them in my house. 🤣

When you see a spider it is reminding you to be more creative or to open up to creativity. Spiders are creative when they create their webs. Their webs are different to fit the atmosphere it's in. Spiders also come to remind you to be patient. It doesn't seem like it when a web pops up from no where, but spiders have oatiwhen they weave their webs.

For me personally, I believe spiders also come to remind us to be strong. Their webs are built strong to hold their prey. I've also seen spider be kinda tough or resilient against some pesticides. And they seem to come around more after a tough storm.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when or after you see a spider (it doesn't matter if you see it in person, picture or in a dream):

-Have I been using my own creativity lately?

-Is this Life event teaching me patience &/or building my resilience?

Some #SelfCare tips after you see a spider are:

-Create. Create whatever you want. Sometimes we just forget to create our own. It doesn't have to be too difficult, start sometime slow and small. Just create.

-Take time to breathe and not rush every day so much. This could help also with the above Self-Care tip of creating. Use your patience to help you to create.

How do you feel about spiders now? I'm with you! I respect them, but I still dont want them in my house! 🤣 Blessings💚 A'Ja Simms

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