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  • A'Ja Simms~Revolving Love

To RevolvingLove Family in USA 🇺🇸💚

☆ I forgot to post this in my last post. But maybe it is meant for me to forget so that this would be a post on its own.☆ 🇺🇸 To my RevolvingLove Family in the United States keep focusing on your SelfCare, goals & dreams. If you, any family members or friends are in the Armed Forces (active or reserved, it doesn't matter) pray a pray of protection for them & their family. Also pray for Peace in other countries. If you don't pray, then send love & light towards them. Try to spend time with them as much as possible right now. They will need Spiritual protection & strength prayers. Look at prayer as just a conversation. Please remember to not live in fear. Fear will definitely take you off course and blind your focus. Be vigilant but not fearful! Stay focused on your #SelfCare, milestones, goals & dreams. Remember we are all connected, so taking care of yourself is just as important as you taking care of another. Thank you to the soldiers for your service. Thank you to their loved ones that shares you, so that you can help protect us.🇺🇸 Blessings💚 A'Ja Simms #Love #Peace #Revolvinglove @ajasimms_(Instagram) @RevolvingLove(Facebook Page) @4everaja(Twitter) www.Revolvinglove.com

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