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  • A'Ja Simms~Revolving Love

Welcome To Pluto In Retrograde 🌌!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Welcome to Pluto in Retrograde 🌌! Pluto went Retrograde on April 25th in Capricorn ♑ and its retrograde October 4th, 2020. Pluto is the destroyer with VERY INTENSE #Energy. While Pluto is in Retrograde, this will the time for inner transformation. For introspection, what has been destroying you inside? It could be a bad eating habit, talking down on your self, silencing your own voice and/or not allowing yourself to Healing from past trauma and pain. This is the time you may need to focus on what to rebuild within yourself or what to release because it no longer works for you. Practicing your #SelfCare routine regularly can assist you in sorting out what you may need to rebuild within yourself. Self-Care is mandatory for nurturing during this time because transformation process can be very intense and emotional, but it is completely worth it. Getting rid the decay of old hurt and pain, opens up space for the new to come in. Be kind to yourself during this process. Please dont push beyond your limits by honoring and respecting your emotions. You deserve a REBIRTH! Pluto Retrograde 🌌 in Capricorn ♑ is giving is the opportunity to slow down, go within and clean some things up within ourselves. Blessings💚 A'Ja Simms #PlutoInRetrograde #Healing #Transformation #SelfCare #Rebirth #InnerPeace #GoWithIn #SpiritualGrowth #InnerWork #MindBodySoul #HealthyMentality #Success #SelfLove #LifeCoaching #Retrograde #VenusInRetrograde #SaturnInRetrograde #JupiterInRetrograde #Awareness #Astrology #Revolvinglove @ajasimms_(Instagram) @RevolvingLove(Facebook Page) @4everaja(Twitter) www.Revolvinglove.com

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