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  • A'Ja Simms~Revolving Love

Welcome to Summer Solstice ☀️🌻!

♡♡♡ The website didn't upload this on 06/20th when it was suppose to. I'm posting it anyway, even though it's a month last.♡♡♡

Welcome to Summer Solstice ☀️! Summer Solstice marks another change of in the season. Summer Solstice marks the 1st day of Summer for the Northern Hemisphere (& Winter for the Southern Hemisphere ❄).

Today is Saturday, June 20th, 2020 & Summer is here! The weather is definitely getting warmer. This is also the time we get or see more sunshine. Summer Solstice is as very known to be the largest day of the year. What are some of your plans &/or goals for this Summer? Please write in the comment section one thing you love about the Summer season. Blessings💚 A'Ja Simms

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