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Welcome to the Full Blue Moon in Taurus 🔵♉!

Welcome to the Full Blue Moon in Taurus 🔵♉! To the people that always told you ".... every Blue Moon....", tell them time to pay up. So, let me start again. Welcome to the Full BLUE Moon in Taurus 🔵♉! This is the second for Full Moon in October, which falls on Halloween 🎃 during Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. Energy overload 👻. This Full Moon in Taurus is also known as the Full Hunter Moon because it marks the beginning of hunting season for food for the Winter months ahead. This Full Moon will have several unique names. It's also called the Full Blue Moon because of it being the second Full Moon in the month of October as well as the Halloween Full Moon because it falls on Halloween day. Some are combining the names, calling it the Full Halloween Blue Moon 🔵🎃! Let me take it a step further, The Full Halloween Blue Moon in Taurus 🔵🎃♉! Okay, okay 🤣. Let's get to the energy from this 🔵. This message is from the Ancestors for during this Full Moon in Taurus 🔵♉ (up until the November 3rd elections in the USA. I asked on purpose for those dates.) The Ancestors message is to ask Wisdom for help because it's time to stop moping around & being gloomy. Resolve all unsettled issues, mend relationships, repair things in your home. Nourish your ideas & pay attention to your dreams. Don't run after money but run towards your dreams by keeping that energy of reaching them ALIVE & STRONG by staying focused. Forgive. Let go & go with the flow (not a time to take control of a situation or being judgemental. Get out of you feeling stuck in a rut & free yourself. By dancing, laughing, singing, moving, swing your arms around or side to side, take large walking steps. (All expressions of movement). Choose one to represent your FREEDOM! Practice it when you feel like you're stuck. Call the Ancestors when you need help & don't forget to show gratitude to them.

Here are some #SelfCareTips for this Full Blue Moon in Taurus:

-Physcial movement (Dancing, sing, exercise, etc.)

-find some joy within you & around you

-Let go of criticism & judgement. Let go of Fear!

-Don't let the past hold you back.

To me, these Ancestral Full Blue Moon in Taurus messages fit perfectly during this Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. Blessings 💚 A'Ja Simms

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