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  • A'Ja Simms~Revolving Love

Welcome to the New Moon In Sagittarius 🌑♐️!

Welcome to the New Moon in Sagittarius 🌑♐️! Sagittarius Season wraps up the Autumn 🍂 season & prepares us for the Winter Season ❄️. Sagittarius Season also embraces passionate new adventures and experiences. Now is the time to start exploring for the year 2020! Be very detailed as you begin to think about & plan for the next decade. What do you want to see in your Life within the next decade? The New Year is a great time to pursue new dreams, goals & manifestations. With the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10th-11th, 2020, you maybe be still getting information to take further steps in the middle of the year. This Lunar Eclipse In Cancer can be felt now. This November New Moon In Sagittarius 🌑♐️ is giving you some Energy to begin searching your heart & soul now for the year ahead. This a great time to research & educate yourself about you want to attract next year & beyond. Also, this New Moon in Sagittarius 🌑♐️ is a gentle reminder to have temperance & balance as we celebrate the Holidays ahead! Over indulgence will slow down what you want to manifest. This is also a great time to slow down or stop any negative behaviors or activities that hinders your Spiritual growth Explore healthier option in every area of your Life. This will help you have more clarity as you start your new beginnings. Blessings💚 A’Ja Simms

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