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  • A'Ja Simms~Revolving Love

Welcome to Winter Solstice ❄️☀️!

Welcome to Winter Solstice ❄️☀️(in the Northern Hemisphere & Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere ☀️)! Also known as the first day of Winter. I’m going to keep this light. Are you ready for the next decade? 2020? New beginnings? New goals & achievements?The main focus is on what do you want to manifest for the next 10 years. All #Energies are pointing to the new decade we will are entering into in January 2020. The Eclipse on December 26th is pushing energy for this to take place as well as the January 10th (2020) Eclipse. If you haven’t already plan and set your goals for the next 10 years. Think about professional goals as well as personal goals. Think about the family & friendships you want to create. It is also important to understand & acknowledge the people you may have to detach from. Wish then well & let them go! If you have already set your goals, then fine tune them by adding details. The more details you have, the better. Practice your #SelfCare routine to gain more clarity & balance during this time. See you tomorrow for Capricorn Season ♑️ post and December 26th for the New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Capricorn 🌑♑️ posts.

Blessings💚 A’Ja Simms

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