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Why are we not encouraging each other to focus on our Spiritual Gifts?

Why are not encouraging each other to focus on our Spiritual Gifts. Spiritual Gifts make up who we are. A person may have the gift to be intuitive, others have the Spiritual Gift of research. For someone else they may the Spiritual Gift of yoga while others have the Spiritual Gift of Dance. Even encouraging someone is a Spiritual Gift. Yes, we can have multiple Spiritual Gifts. They can overlap and we may share Spiritual Gifts. (Note: Do you know your Spiritual Gifts are? Take some time this week to uncover your Spiritual Gifts.There are multiple assessments online that can help you too. Pick the one that best resonate with you.)

I chalk the lack of encouragement up to lack of understanding, jealousy, envy and taking people for granted. Yes, very harsh words, but we are here bring light to issues. All of those things are fear in disguised. There is a misconception that fear looks a certain way. Actually, it doesn’t. I remind myself that fear has no face and can take any form.

Well what do we do about it? How do we start to encourage on another?

Well, let’s start with some benefits of supporting one other. There are numerous benefits to encouraging and supporting each other. What would be more beneficial than supporting someone’s Spiritual Gifts? I’m not talking financially, although that is an extra plus. I talking Spiritually. Everything I’m about to touch on is free. If I suggest something it’s an added bonus.

Did you know there is a Law of Vibrations? High vibrations will bring positive things and vice versa. But let’s focus on the positive part. How does this link with encouraging others? Love is high vibration energy. Encouraging and supporting are acts of love. Encouraging and supporting others are a high vibration energy. You can raise your vibrations by encouraging and supporting others.

Sometimes our vibrations get low because we are not surrounding ourselves with like minded individuals. Do you find yourself feeling drained from the company you keep? Do you find that when you are excited about a project, the people around you are not excited too? This is an easy fix. But it will take some effect and stepping away from fear. The first start will be checking your inner circle and see if you are surrounded by like-minded individuals. Being near like-minded individuals Who do you find like-minded individuals? Then join a group that have themes or activities that interest you. If you want to learn how to cook don’t join a cooking class with advanced people. Join a group that teaches individuals how to cook because those people participating will know the struggle of learning how to cook. Keep it simple and allow things to unfold naturally. A support group is also another suggest of a group of like-minded individuals. If you trying to make lifestyle improvements in your life, joining a support group is beneficial. It will get easier to encourage others if you are being encouraged. You can transfer the positive high vibration energy to each other. You will be pouring into the same people that pour into you. Everyone benefits from that!

Some people feel supported by Words of Affirmation. For them it is like a checklist in their mind that everything is going okay. They feel safe in hearing these phrases, “I am here for you”, “Your support means so much to me”, “You’re a great friend”. It is an expression of love that resonate with them the most. It is okay if your Love Language is not Words of Affirmation. Please be responsible and use the appropriate words of affirmation for the right environment. This is not a reason to cross boundaries in the workplace, etc. Please understand we do not all think alike or act alike. Therefore, some of us need different things as support.

Are your needs being met? May the reason a person can not encourage another because they are depleted. How do you get depleted? They answer is by not having your needs met. Are you practicing self-care? Do you take time to nurture yourself? This is ALWAYS important! If you looking for the right group to join, self-care is even more important because you are the one pouring back into yourself. We are not ignoring your Spiritual team of support. Fully honor and respect your Spiritual support team because they are always for you. They are non-judgmental, timeless, no never get overwhelmed. Self-care is not selfish. Some of us have been brought to think this way. I think of it as loving maintenance on Spirit. It can be a simple a treating yourself to your favorite dessert or a relaxing spa bath to a vacation to your dream destination. I think the options for self-care are also endless but practicing it is MANDATORY!

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